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Viseeon is the first network of accountants in the world to innovate, not only by developing new services for accountants and their clients but also by integrating the principles of Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) into its business model.

What’s MLM ?

The MLM is a model for organising a sales or distribution network in which affiliates can sponsor new members (sponsorees) and then be partly paid on the performance of their recruits.


You are supported throughout the development of your firm.


You enjoy the advantages of independence while benefiting from the confraternal support of a network.


With our personalised support and online training, you improve your competences.

New incomes

You sell new assignments and network marketing brings you managerial remuneration.


Develop your CA thanks to the marketing power that only a network can provide.


Thanks to the innovative tools designed or integrated by the technical teams,you improve your productivity.

The “Why” ?

Some years back, the digital revolution upset our daily lives, created new uses and profoundly transformed many professions. Faced with this tidal wave, we, as chartered accountants, are being hit hard.

The emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the digitalisation of services and the appearance of new economic models are all opportunities for chartered accountants to design new tools, propose new assignments and create new relationship with companies.

At Viseeon, we are committed to creating an innovative model for an international network of independent accountants to meet the new needs of companies and the need to transform the accounting profession. Imagined by entrepreneurial accountants, the Viseeon network represents the perfect convergence between the know-how of independent accountants and the contribution of new technologies.

We are the chartered accountants-entrepreneurs!

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